AMLA - Head office

Po box: 1069 Yaoundé - CAMEROUN

Mobile phone: 00 237 99 31 74 73
Phone number: 00 237 22 20 39 38
Fax   : 00 237 22 20 05 82


HOMERIDER SYSTEMS offers a innovative solution for remote data radio in a wide variety of data, applications in areas of environmental and energy cohabiting on a single network, such as: Remote reading for Water, Gas, Electricity, Heat, Capture level sewer, location of leaks, Columns recycling, building energy management, remote gauging LPG(liquefied petroleum gas), Fuel, Depots and Petrol Stations, Management system AdBlue and industrial sensors.
The economic architecture and modular technology used, allows the deployment of all sizes networks of: point to point, cell (building), or urban.